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Flooring Used

flooring used

  • The boards or other material of which a floor is made

  • floor: the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure); "they needed rugs to cover the bare floors"; "we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent"

  • building material used in laying floors

  • (floored) provided with a floor

[Buses in Beijing]???? Jinghua BK6126S1 (Low floor) ?????? BPT #46003 Front-right at National Stadium Bus Yard

[Buses in Beijing]???? Jinghua BK6126S1 (Low floor) ?????? BPT #46003 Front-right at National Stadium Bus Yard

A BK6126S1 (Note1) 12m low floor double-decker bus built by the already diminished Jinghua in Beijing

Among the three double-decker models introduced in Beijing before the 2008 Olympic Games and BK6126S1, both the mid floor and low floor, is the most common. Also, BK6126S1 is the earliest new air-conditioned double-decker into service (Note2). Applying Jinghua’s latest, and also the last, exterior design with a face that vividly resembles a pair of glaring eyes and pouting mouse of a furious man, BK6126S1 gets its name “Double-decker King Kong” from bus fans.

The chassis is a product of Shanqi (Shaanxi Heavy-duty Vehicles), an expert in double-decker bus chassis. JLY6120SCK is propelled by a national-made Yulin Diesel YC6L260-40 260hp Euro IV diesel engine. The gearbox is an Allison T325R, uncommon in Beijing. The power train is shared by the three new double-decker models, but the axles are different. BK6126S1 low floor version’s axles are still unidentified, but the steerable tag axle is believed to be a ZF product.

The bus applies a low floor design with the engine offset at the left-end corner; however, due to the absence of wheelchair ramp and fastening space, the bus cannot be categorized into the accessible bus fleet. The straight staircase faces backward, and the engineers in BPT believe that the design is able to lessen the possibility of passengers’ falling down when the bus makes sudden stops. The air conditioner is located above the engine, taking the position of rear windshields on both floors.

The low floor BK6126S1 also has two versions, transit and sightseeing. The sightseeing version is in Division 5, now on transit Line 23. Although featuring red quartz floor and cushion seats, BK6126S1 has small but non-intact windows upstairs which are insufficiently luxury for sightseeing. Transit version disperses among Division 1, 4, 7 and Xin’ao.

In the picture, Fleet No. 46003 (Division 4, Double-decker, code 003) is resting in National Gymnasium Station. Line 83 and 85, both ending at this station, are assigned by low floor BK6126S1. Line 83 and 85 are two of the six Olympic Special Bus Lines preserved after the Games---Line 83 is the former Line 3 and Line 85 is Line 7.

All units of BK6126S1 have plates writing BK6126S on their rear end.
The earliest air conditioning double-decker bus in Beijing is Changjiang-Flxible; however, the model of few units was not put forward.

Floor at Urban Outfitters

Floor at Urban Outfitters

I visited Urban Outfitter's HQ in the Navy Yard of Philadelphia. It's a fabulous re-use of an old building. I was told that the owner of the company personally tossed the colored glass onto the wet concrete...

Building #543, the old Copper and Pipe Bending Shop, located to the west of Dry Dock #1 is the heart of the Urban campus. In addition to housing office space, the building's inspiration library, interior gardens, meeting areas and two restaurants, The Jharoka and Shop 543, draw folks from all parts of the company and from around the Navy Yard together for eating, education, and collaboration.

The design of the campus interiors reflects the company's core aesthetic values as well as the individual aesthetics of each one of its brands. Similar to the company's store designs the offices rely heavily on the use of natural materials, natural light, grand staircases and the use of recycled materials. Urban salvaged Navy light fixtures, wall materials, and hundreds of timbers during the demolition phase of the project. The salvaged material has been recycled and reworked throughout the project.

flooring used

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